Decreto K - _Che Il Viale Sia Nero_ / _La Tomba Reclama La Tua Carne_
by: Chaim Drishner (3 out of 5)
This demo review refers to both demos released on CD-R in 2006. Both are musically inseparable, hence jointly reviewed.

Necro industrialized noise masquerading itself as black metal, at least by self-proclaiming as such, is going to meet a ridiculing audience that will chuckle to that statement for the sole reason that black metal, first and foremost, is atmosphere, beyond anything else. Industrial noise, per definition, abolishes anything atmospheric or ambience inducing hence it can not be considered as black metal by any stretch of that -definition-.

Decreto K exercise a mild black metal-ish approach, exploiting to some extent the distinctive basics of (black) metal -- i.e. occasional processed high pitched screeches, buzzing guitars (or what appears to sound like such) and some chaotic blasts here and there. However, they titter while they try to sell the audience (and sort of "cash in", in the utmost underground definition of the term, of course) their product as though it's affiliated with the most celebrated, and unfortunately popular, subgenre of metal in the entire Universe... which Decreto K is not.

These Italians do tend to execute some interesting -- and on certain occasions, even unique -- ideas in the realm of noise, thus making it more approachable, or friendly if you like, or coherent, in contrast to many a noise act which deliver their noisy, incomprehensible blur with no structure or coherence.

In that regard, when Decreto K strays off their pseudo-metal path, they execute rather intriguing industrial sounds which glue together to form dark compositions of peculiar, wretched and twisted harmonies; and strangely, there are not too many repetitions, or loops, in the compositions, which makes them perversely dynamic and flowing.

At some points, where sanity strikes and the lunatic machine gunning blasts and general cacophony gives way to almost rock-ish structures, Decreto K even (unconsciously) pay homage to the excellent Skin Chamber, which is -- as far as this reviewer is concerned -- the finest, most genuine manifestation of how true, twisted and harsh industrial-goes-metal sort of hybrid should be done.

Bottom line: this is not music for everyone, far from it; nor can it be endured for a long period of time. But then again, this is not really music, but rather an experience, and something refreshing in that regard, for those who want to dust off their boredom generated by their metal collection.


(article published 31/12/2007)

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