Isolation - _Hier am Ende der Welt_
by: Quentin Kalis (4.5 out of 5)
This is their third demo and hopefully their last, a sentiment which I am sure is shared by the band. _Hier am Ende der Welt_ is best described as an extension and consolidation of the sound of their previous demo, _A Prayer for the World to End_, and similarly consists of two tracks of lengthy doom infused black metal, never too far from claustrophobic despair. Unlike their previous demo, they have opted to sing in their native German, and have included a calming intermezzo between the two metal numbers.

The opener and title track places greater emphasis on creating a melancholic atmosphere, whilst the unrelenting despair is life for the raging closer "Nur ein Moment". The intermezzo is no less morose than their other material, but considerably more serene, centered around a cleanly strung guitar. The song acts primarily as an atmospheric interlude, but the progression elevates it above mere mood-setting fodder and it is, by any definition, a proper song. The screams which annoyed on their last demo are still present and I don't think I will ever appreciate them but they are less of an annoyance on this release. I'm not sure why, as their presence hasn't decreased -- maybe their music is more effective in diverting my attention.

All three songs are superior to their previous demo. The improvement is not huge, but the composition is noticeably better and the songs flow more smoothly, creating more powerful numbers. The despair evoked is total, threatening to overwhelm the listener and never letting up, providing an intense listening experience.

Currently only available on tape, a deserved CD version will be released by Goatawar Rex later this year. Strongly recommended for fans of bands as diverse as Shining and Xasthur. Three demos are sufficient -- time for a full-length!


(article published 21/11/2007)

2/4/2007 Q Kalis 4.5 Isolation - A Prayer for the World to End
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