Backhoe Butchery - _Mailbox Full of Mousetraps_
by: Jeremy Ulrey (2 out of 5)
Brutal death metal bands that concentrate on the gallows humor aspect of the gore & more movement are getting to be a dime a dozen, and Backhoe Butchery do little to distinguish themselves with the seven songs on _Mailbox Full of Mousetraps_. With lyrics such as "Backhoe digging your grave / This world we claim / You're our slaves", the band come off as not only extremely tame but also betraying a stultifying humorlessness and lack of inventiveness. Not a total wash, as the musicianship and primitive thrash riffs are amiable enough, but in truth they're not much less rehashed and warmed over than the lyrical subject matter. This trio desperately needs to step up both the extremity and creativity if they want to hang with the big boys.


(article published 7/10/2007)

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