Scythian - _Suffering to the Conquered_
by: Quentin Kalis (3.5 out of 5)
The first demo by this young UK trio consists of six songs, including a cover of the Bathory classic "Holocaust". Ostensibly a black metal band, their blitzkrieg approach is not really black (or death) metal, but more closely aligned to classic Swedish death metal combined with thrash tendencies. However, the album is imbued with a black metal atmosphere, and the band are clearly allied to black metal ideals -- either that, or pictures of the band bedecked in corpse paint around a fire have become popular in death metal circles! As seems to be increasingly the norm these days, their demo possesses decent production, but still with sufficient crunch in the guitars to recapture that classic Swedish aura. Overall, this was a rather intriguing demo from an island whose blackened output has been wanting in recent years.


(article published 18/8/2007)

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