Weapon - _Europe's Revenge_
by: Quentin Kalis (2.5 out of 5)
Despite the presence of songs such as "Invocation of Skadi" and "Folkvangar", this is not a pagan metal album, much less Viking metal. Instead, it consists of primitive thrashy death in the vein of pioneers such as early Sodom and Mayhem, replete with crude production, highly abrasive guitar and muddied drums.

More specifically, this is true for half the demo. The remaining four songs are composed of comparatively diverse instrumentals. In another context, "At Dusk" would be the usual acoustic serenity between the headbanging blasts, whilst "Folkvangar" would be the de rigeur synth-driven closer.

The other instrumentals are possibly the most interesting songs on the album: "Ancient Glories Celebration" is centred around a viciously raw folk orientated lead, much like the rawness of Barbarian Wrath black metal, whilst "Invocation of Skadi" features a synth backing a lead guitar and is possibly the most interesting song on the demo.

Placed against the context of their stripped down thrashisms however, it seems that Weapon isn't too sure about their musical direction. It's impossible to tell whether their next release will contain rudimentary thrash blasts or a more developed epic atmosphere, but at the moment, they have recorded a rather schizophrenic and unsatisfactory demo.

Contact: http://www.myspace.com/weapon1143

(article published 18/8/2007)

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