Slumpark Correctional - _F.T.U.N._
by: Quentin Kalis (3 out of 5)
It seems Olive are not the only Syrian band to deviate from the left hand path; Slumpark Correctional have departed from their thrash origins in favour of a more modern approach on this, their third demo. Before readers start frantically searching for a -- any -- death metal review, be warned that this is no feeble nu-metal or emo album either. Slumpark Correctional take the skeleton of Sepultura's metallified hardcore approach, add a cavernous, rolling tone, and toss in socio-political rantings relevant to their corner of the world. (The title stands for "Fuck the United Nations" -- understandable given its impotency in the Middle East.)

The opener features some frantic machine gun vocals which imbue the song with an old-school sound, and immediately bring to mind Biafra's delivery on The Dead Kennedys' classic "Drug Me". At times, their riffs sound a bit too much like mid-era Sepultura (_Arise_, _Chaos AD_ and _Roots_) and consequently it comes as no surprise that they cover the Sepultura classic "Refuse / Resist". The cover itself is not too shabby, much to my surprise, but it does draw unneeded attention towards the similarities.

I am not familiar with their former thrash / death incarnation, but Slumpark Correctional version 2.0 could potentially work, provided they stop signposting their influences.


(article published 15/8/2007)

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