Annulond - _Annulond_
by: Quentin Kalis (3 out of 5)
Annulond is the project of one Paulo Parreira, domiciled in Australia, and this is his / their first demo, consisting of three blackened Viking metal tracks. The songs are rather elementary, consisting of little more than a couple of ale-swiggin' riffs stitched together, accompanied by legible vocals and extremely basic drumming -- which given the simplicity of the (programmed?) drums, is surprisingly prominent, much to my annoyance.

Parreira seems to acknowledge the comparative simplicity of his compositions and keeps them short, avoiding the epic lengths favoured by many of his peers. Despite a few speedier passages, the songs vary little in tempo, and this tends to induce ennui. The songs do noticeably increase in quality as the demo progresses, and it sounds as if they are arranged in chronological order, from earliest to latest, suggesting some musical growth. (These songs were written and recorded over a fourteen month period.) Nonetheless, I'm left with the feeling that this demo was a bit premature and that a bit more time refining both his abilities and style is required.


(article published 4/8/2007)

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