Slidhr - _Demo 2006_
by: James Montague (4 out of 5)
This is quite a sparkling little gem Debemur Morti Productions have plucked out of Ireland's fertile soil. A lone soul going by the nom de guerre of Gast has struck that intangible zone in black metal where one ceases to sound like a bunch of young men banging away on guitars and drums, and becomes an unholy noise.

Feeding upon the stylistic blueprints laid down by Darkthrone, Mayhem and Immortal, the three tracks offered on this demo are fast, imperious and intensely suffocating. Gast offers an extensive range of hoarse cries, blistering shrieks and sadistic growls in an impressive vocal performance, and the production is well above average for a demo cassette.

The tracks on this demo are scheduled for re-release on an upcoming full-length CD, which will certainly be worth a listen. Although the band is still a signature tune or two away from greatness, all the pieces are in place for a monumental piece of black metal filth.


(article published 12/5/2007)

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