Starshine - _Falling Star_
by: Jeremy Ulrey (3 out of 5)
A one-man project engaged in instrumental / experimental black metal, Starshine fitfully births this four song demo, which at 41 minutes (just over ten minutes a track) would appear to be frightfully ambitious. And it is, except it has a way of wavering groggily between compelling, minimalist brilliance and sheer bedroom wankery like a punch-drunk pugilist who somehow keeps finding his way back into the fight.

We're talking a strictly guitar-and-drums affair, with the backbeat remaining perfunctory and static throughout. The draw is the hazy miasma created by buzzing shimmers of endlessly strummed guitar chords. At times it appears Mr U. Amtey -- our host for this program -- is onto something of an actual trip, but inevitably the path is broken, made up as it goes along rather than planned out in advance. The possibilities of improv in black metal have been woefully underrepresented, and to that end I look forward to hearing Amtey with a little more woodshedding under his belt.


(article published 5/4/2007)

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