Chaosweaver - _Cult of the Buried Serpent_
by: Jeremy Ulrey (4 out of 5)
Another entry in the Finnish bid for world domination, Chaosweaver have just produced their second demo and, from the likes of it, appear ready to make the jump to prime time. _Cult of the Buried Serpent_ has all the hallmarks of a commercial release, from the spacious and well-balanced production to the musical professionalism on hand. These hombres seemingly have the studio experience of a veteran band, a characteristic which is most easily apparent when they're able to incorporate the studio's strengths into the finished product, rather than just turning a few knobs, pressing record, and spewing forth a prefabricated maelstrom of rehearsed noise. Throughout the three songs on this demo there are numerous background highlights and grace notes to engage the active listener. As for the style of music, think an upbeat hybrid of death/black with bombastic keyboard flourishes a la Children of Bodom. Break out the caps and gowns, lads, it's time to graduate.


(article published 5/4/2007)

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