Insanity Arise - _Insanity Is Your Deadliest Weapon_
by: Quentin Kalis (2.5 out of 5)
The demo from this Italian quintet consists of three 'real' songs sandwiched between a rather uninspired intro and an outro (which is lazily merely the intro in reverse). Their use of American-style metalcore is undeniably dripping with testosterone, which makes the appearance of a piano interlude on "Painting My Death" totally unexpected and all the more effective. But that is the limit of surprises on this demo. Virtually everything else is as one would expect from a band of this ilk: some Gothenburg styled melodies, anguished screams, and some unnecessary emo-type vocals, which fortunately don't surface all that often. Ultimately, Insanity Arise remains a rather ordinary entrant into the overpopulated metalcore world, and will need to develop a less derivative sound in order to make an impact.


(article published 27/3/2007)

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