Nidsang - _Nidsang_
by: Quentin Kalis (3.5 out of 5)
Formerly known as Lammoth, Nidsang displays the metal prowess the Swedes are known for, but without the proliferation of melody that has (for better or for worse) come to define Swedish contributions to metal. This five song demo is available on cassette via Sadolust (I thought cassette demos had been all but abandoned with the advancement of digital formats, but clearly I'm wrong), who I imagine saw potential in this duo and who will presumably be releasing their full-length in the near future.

The guitar sound is naturally abrasive, albeit with a slight melancholic air. Musically this doesn't have much that hasn't been heard before a good number of times -- anyone with a passing familiarity with black metal will not be surprised by anything on offer here. But yours truly is a sucker for loosely performed black metal, and Nidsang have done their job well and thus become another tick on my list of black metal bands whom I would love to hear a full-length from.


(article published 22/3/2007)

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