Kervorkian - _Demo 2006_
by: Quentin Kalis (5 out of 5)
Despite releasing a rather impressive slab of death metal in the form of a blistering, independent full-length titled _Immortality in Culture_, Kevorkian are as yet still unsigned. One would think that would have been sufficient to get the attention of the wider metal community, but apparently not. The unimaginatively titled _Demo 2006_ consists of three well-produced tracks of searing death metal; the songs are complex and the build-ups impressive, even containing a smidgen of Akercocke-like sense of impending menace in parts, while the production ensures that the guitars have a full modern sound. The vocals may not be the most impressive around, but how many stellar metal bands have mediocre to average vocalist? More than a few, so that alone cannot be holding them back. Their promo representative is doing a stellar job in promoting this band, so perhaps their independent status is down to bad luck? Do both them and yourself a favour and have a peek at this demo.


(article published 4/2/2007)

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