Soulless - _Summoning Heresy_
by: Quentin Kalis (3.5 out of 5)
Although I admire Poland primarily for their contribution to NSBM, there is no denying that the homeland of Graveland and Perunwit possesses a strong death metal heritage. _Summoning Heresy_ is a short demo of five songs -- less if the run-of-the-mill intro and passable Sepultura "Necromancer" cover are excluded. The remaining three songs consist of violent death metal, lent an extra dose of brutality through the raw-around-the-edges-production and occasionally distorted vocals. I cannot say that the distortion enhances the brutality of the music; the sole exception is the Sepultura cover, whereby the distorted growls allow them to proclaim this version as their own. Lyrical themes are typically anti-Christian, and as with so many in this genre, this is far from original, but they do a good enough job to ensure repeat listens.


(article published 4/2/2007)

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