Tarm - _Veretasu Maade Poeg_
by: Quentin Kalis (3 out of 5)
Despite many protestations to the contrary, first impressions do count in virtually every context. The band logo is a bindrune of their name, suggesting that for this Viking, runes are something at least a little bit more than pretty pictures. As befits a Viking band, with the nationalism that it implies, all lyrics are in his native Estonian. Their six track demo opens with some Vikernes-like screams accompanying a strummed guitar. Most of the vocals are sung at a lower pitch, although these screams do pop up intermittently. The next two tracks plod along, being neither particularly good nor bad, but the album picks up towards the end of the third song with a simple but catchy lead. This newfound energy is sustained throughout the following song with its infectious melody. A patchy demo, but above average for a first recording.

Contact: http//hexenreich.estmetal.ee

(article published 9/1/2007)

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