Bizarrekvlt - _Kil Estenda_
by: Andreas Marouchos (2 out of 5)
Unfortunately, the accompanying promo-sheet doesn't say anything about the band's origin or constituting members. From the writings on the envelope, I am left to deduce that the members comprising the band reside on some far remote region of the ex-Soviet Eastern block.

Well, at least they've spared us the "whoa, look at me!" synth pseudo-luster of other offerings, and instead present us with five tracks incorporating quasi-Dissection / Necrophobic style riffage and old-school Hellhammer-esque hints, with some prominent slow parts whose inherent bleakness would like to have something more of Bethlehem's necro / doom aura. During faster passages the rhythm section simply falls apart, seemingly incapable of keeping a steady beat for more than a couple of bar measures.

There is a faint suggestion of an attempt at producing something of a coherent nature here, but it just doesn't quite make the ticket. So here we have it, ladies and gents: yet another "dime-a-dozen", yawn-inducing slab of uninspired, self-labeled black metal.


(article published 23/10/2006)

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