Blizzard Winter - _Imperium_
by: Pedro Azevedo (3 out of 5)
With a name like Blizzard Winter, I had to wonder if this demo would have more than a passing similarity to Immortal -- and I was less than surprised to find that it did. _Imperium_ consists of a brief intro, two tracks that were originally meant for a three-way split, and an older rehearsal track. The demo presents some quick, aggressive black metal in the vein of pre-_At the Heart of Winter_ Immortal. The trio's black attack is propelled by a somewhat limiting drum machine, and the result is both competent and unspectacular. While there is no doubting the band's ability to create some very decent numbers in this specific mold, there is hardly a great deal of reasons why this demo should stand out much, given its considerably derivative nature. The Portuguese lyrics provide a much needed distinctive element in their music, but Blizzard Winter need more if they are to move forward. The band is already working on a new demo, so perhaps they will be able to develop more individuality in their music and thus fulfill more of the potential they show on this one.


(article published 22/3/2006)

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