Bone Awl - _Not For Our Feet_
by: T. DePalma (4 out of 5)
A coarse resistance to the facile imprints of moral society, Bone Awl inhabits a locale riven by introspection and anti-social commentary established without begging for recognition in posturing, but through an underlying theme of impermanence. It is, in essence, synonymous with the black metal and punk genre in a very convincing way. The intertwined, Beardsley-like sketches of faces emerging from their own opaque gowns and lyrical borrowing of Artaud explain the intended discomfort in the naked, animal roar of instruments as only one piece of decadent simulacra to emerge in this baleful exposition. This latest cassette release features eight new songs in the typical Bathory cum GBH mold the band has exhibited in the past, but reach their highest point thus far in intensity, sound quality and memorable writing featured with less Oi! overtones, a continuing progression throughout the last couple of tapes. Though primarily what we have here is fast and caustic trodding remaining close to its influence, it commands attention and respect in presentation, showing growth as well.


(article published 12/8/2005)

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