Lupara - _Self Titled Demo 2005_
by: Jackie Smit (4.5 out of 5)
While he hasn't exactly been maintaining a high profile by metal standards, Jeremy Wagner has been anything but idle in the time that has passed since the untimely dissolution of his former outfit, the legendary gore-grinders Broken Hope. In addition to making a name for himself as an aspiring novelist, he has also kept his musical endeavours very definitely heavy with Lupara. This recording is the product of the band's second official trip to the studio, and although it owes more to Pantera and _Chaos AD_ era Sepultura than to the likes of Cannibal Corpse and Carcass, fans of Wagner's past efforts shouldn't feel slighted. "Discrimination Pours" and "They Call Me Disease" are chugging, menacing floor-fillers that successfully cash in on the promise of the band's first demo with a distinctly heavier and more aggressive snarl, which is about what we would have expected to hear from a man whose musical contribution to the world includes classics like "Pitbull Grin".


(article published 23/7/2005)

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