Seraphim Slaughter - _To Cataclysmic Path_
by: T. DePalma (1 out of 5)
This demo CD-R is the first offering from Seraphim Slaughter, a black metal four-piece out of New Jersey. The music here is pretty by-the-numbers black metal. Norwegian mimicry taking pleasure in clumsy instrumentation and the "raw" quality of the guitar that seems to lose its juice as the songs wear on. The vocals are the strongest element to the music here and pretty much overpower the guitar and drums with a continuous stream of lengthy croaks and snarls, though nothing original or stirring. Unfortunately the only truly attention grabbing point of this disc is a fifteen second or so break on track two that sounds like some kind of surf-jig on a Dead Kennedys record... More motivated youth without direction.


(article published 31/8/2004)

2/16/2008 Q Kalis 4.5 Seraphim Slaughter - Scum Terror
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