Spiteful - _Upheaval_
by: Pedro Azevedo (3 out of 5)
Spiteful's _Upheaval_ is firmly rooted in classic thrash, and to a much lesser extent death metal. This isn't exactly going in a revolutionary direction, you might say -- but then again demos don't usually do that -- and while derivative, Spiteful are a competent thrash band. The production on this demo CD may not be of a great calibre, but it's reasonably balanced and suits Spiteful's sound quite well. Beefy riffs abound, and the band seem well on their way to creating an interesting live set for thrash metal crowds. They manage to show some of that vibrancy on disc, but remain a few steps short of remarkable and a few more short of original. Still, as far as demos go, _Upheaval_ is quite a decent effort from a band that may well grow into something more interesting and unique in the future.

Contact: http://spiteful.gq.nu

(article published 29/7/2004)

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