Sinn - _The Rune of Odin_
by: Aaron McKay (3 out of 5)
No longer content with the pace or substance of his former Oregon based outfit, Vido Sinn parted company with Jesters Moon to develop his own unique brand of vileness. The menacing menagerie culminated with the 2004 _The Rune of Odin_ release. Leaving no possible room for comparison, Vido mutated Sinn away from the hard-hitting straightforwardness of Jesters Moon into a wicked variety of anti-religious sentiment and darkened disgust. Adding to the faithless frivolity, Tyran (drums/percussion) and Johann (bass) complete Sinn's line-up of seamy sorts. Lyrically, the message comes across loud and clear in a highly unsurprising way - "sodomy on Earth", "breed death and pain", "rot and plague" and the like. On the other hand, Sinn's strengths include a penchant for mood, largely through synth and vocal range changes from the comprehendible rasp to the spoken word. All this communicates the band's tone in an effective and efficient manner. No doubt due to circumstance, _The Rune of Odin_ suffers somewhat from underproduction -- the guitars betraying this truth in the most noticeable fashion. Nowhere, however, does this effort leave the listener's attention to wonder. Vido enhances Sinn's ambience with a truly succinct and fitful song structure throughout the nearly thirty-nine minutes on _TRoO_. It could be said that Vido Sinn "stuck the landing" with his vault from Jesters Moon, but better production and more attention paid to the lackluster lyrical content would go a long way to securing a perfect score from the American judge in the metal mastery competition.


(article published 25/5/2004)

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