Born of Thorns - _New Horizon_
by: Adrian Magers (5 out of 5)
On their last release _The Encounter of Light and Dark_ Born of Thorns had pushed themselves out of obscurity and into a position as one of Finland's premier underground acts. In a review of _The Encounter..._ I dubbed the music that BoT presented as "beautiful, melodic, dramatic [and] grandiose." After listening to their follow-up, entitled _New Horizon_, I'd like to expand on my previous description, but I'm at a loss for words. This newest trinity of superbly-crafted melodic neo-black songs is absolutely shockingly good. The guitar riffs are better, the keyboards are doubly haunting, and the interplay between the two instruments is sharper and more complex than before. Credit must also be given to the other aspects of the band: the vocals (particularly the clean ones) are stronger, and the drumming has intensified. Great production, arrangement, technical playing... everything about this demo (it's almost unfair to call this work of art a demo) is an improvement from the last. At this point I'm drooling for an LP. The sound is slightly more progressive, and less "Filth-y" than previous works. Imagine Borknagar painted much darker with some of the post-thrash fury initiated on Susperia's debut and keyboards befitting of an orchestra. I also hear a little bit of their countrymates Children of Bodom's influence in certain parts. Probably the best independent CD I'll receive this year -- that is unless an LP is coming along from this amazingly talented young act.


(article published 18/5/2004)

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