Ulcerate - _The Coming of Genocide_
by: Quentin Kalis (3.5 out of 5)
The first thing I noticed upon receiving this demo was that the booklet has a very professional look to it, superior to many booklets released by labels who presumably have comparatively more money to play around with then these New Zealanders. My expectations were immediately raised, and to a certain extent, Ulcerate don't disappoint. The production is markedly superior to most other demos -- even better than some (non-black metal) CDs. For an act at the demo stage, they are also a fairly tight unit. The music is well performed, competent and well written lyrically and musically, but it is also incredibly generic, whose spectre affects many brutal death and underground black metal acts. Although it will hardly be a terrible listen for ears weened on extreme metal, the sameness of the music to many other acts will make this a hard album to remember. Though highly listenable, it is also but also highly forgettable. Undoubtedly, they will probably sooner rather than later be picked up by a label, but if they want to hit the big-time (relatively speaking, of course) a more distinctive and personal touch will be needed.

Contact: http://www.ulcerate.orcon.net.nz

(article published 29/2/2004)

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