SIG:AR:TYR - _The Stranger_
by: Adrian Magers (4.5 out of 5)
An absolutely entrancing piece comprised of acoustic guitar driven atmospheric music, this six song CD is accompanied by a short story of the same name. The vocals are comprised of spoken word and narrative bits, but the music is mainly instrumental. The acoustic guitar is well-played in many different manners (which prevents the songs from dragging or boring metal listeners). The thought, effort and emotion put into the whole idea is something more bands should do (although SIG:AR:TYR is not a band per say, rather a solo project by a metal musician under the moniker of Daemonskald). I was very happy that I had the privilege to hear the music sent to me, and go through the experience of reading the story, the unspoken lyrics in the CD's booklet, and absorbing the vibe of it all. The closest technical description of the style employed I can think of is somewhat like Old Man's Child's occasional acoustic instrumental tracks (except with a little less obviously Spanish guitar influences) that invokes a mood in me similar to that that classic Bathory does. Very interesting, very solid, and extremely well thought out.

The next project for Daemonskald will be "a Viking-metal concept work, set in the years of the Viking Age, which deals with a quest to the far northern regions of the world to retrieve an object that will turn back the advances of Christiandom." The next release will also offer some electric guitar.


(article published 25/1/2004)

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