Lupara - _Advance Rough-Mix Demo_
by: Jackie Smit (4 out of 5)
The Broken Hope back catalogue occupies a place of honour in the hearts of many extreme music fans, myself included. From the merciless onslaught of _Bowels of Repugnance_ to the dizzying groove-oriented dynamics of _Loathing_ and _Grotesque Blessings_, for the duration of their career, Broken Hope always seemed to revel in confounding their detractors by continually producing unique music, whilst staying firmly rooted within the confines of their chosen genre. Now, with former members Shaun Glass and Brian Griffin whittling away in Soil, those who were contemplating the whereabouts of Jeremy Wagner (the other half of Broken Hope's guitar salvo) finally have an answer in the form of Lupara. Christened after a sawed-off Sicilian shotgun said to be used by mafia soldiers in the golden era of the gangster, Lupara have more in common sonically with bands like Lamb of God and Chimaira than with Cannibal Corpse and Deicide, but interestingly still maintain Wagner's trademark riffing style. Three songs are offered on this advance demo, and of these, opener "Light Up the Pigs" stands out as the highlight. A catchy, adrenalized introduction to the band, it has everything a good metal song should have: a lead riff that could effortlessly slice off a dozen heads, uber-angry vocals (supplied by a very able Craig Gross) and a driving drum groove that repeatedly pummels the listener into submission. This initial outburst of fury is counterbalanced by the atmospheric, Twin Peaks-esque clean guitar of "The Rage", while "Rejection" is slightly weaker, in particular its opening thirty seconds, sounding far too convoluted and unpolished to compare to the preceding numbers. Ultimately though, despite only three songs being offered, Lupara provide ample evidence to suggest that they are an act with a tremendous amount of potential, and judging by what they've done here, I'd highly recommend keeping an eye out for their name in the future.


(article published 26/12/2003)

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