Vornoff - _Forledt_
by: Quentin Kalis (4 out of 5)
Vornoff is another worthy entrant into the world of dark ambient. Their specialty is in creating minimalist soundscapes accompanied by some piano tinklings, producing an atmosphere that is paradoxically soothing and at the same time sends chills up your spine. Comparisons can be made with Vinterriket (with whom Vornoff has released a split EP) insofar as they both evoke similar emotions, but Vornoff's sparse instrumentation is a far cry from the comparatively busy Vinterriket ambient works. The music is predictably simplistic, but this is essential to the creation of such a forlorn atmosphere. For an ambient release the songs are surprisingly short, potentially hampering the build up of atmosphere; but if listened to in its totality in one sitting this shouldn't be a problem, as the tracks do build upon and complement each other quite effectively. Definitely one of the better demos I've heard for a while.

Contact: soulwail@yahoo.com

(article published 5/12/2003)

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