Twytch - _Hatred_
by: Aaron McKay (4.5 out of 5)
Whether it's school, work or just life in general, sometimes you just gotta outwardly vent some frustrations. When that time comes, as it does for us -all-, Twytch has got your back. This Massachusetts five-piece is about as professional as they come without the restrictions of a major label pulling "creative control" strings like you're some damn marionette. Angry, tough and hostile, with an unmistakable method to their intense sound, this outfit has a lot going for them. What's more, Twytch is brutal in their approach, but with the all the timing of a precision Italian race car. With a heavily influenced drive, all the members pull together on this effort with the untapped energy of a thousand Hatebreed fans. This six-track effort comes in at 22 plus minutes in length. After a few times through _Hatred_ you feel like you've been trapped in an industrial strength cement-mixer with a half a dozen iron mallets. The thick, enriched chops on this disc are simply amazing and truly infectious. The single obligation to a specific task in the band dynamic seems to allow these guys to develop and concentrate solely on their respective part within the band. Matt McChesney's clean and strained "tough guy core" vocals are utilized with incredible proficiency all throughout _Hatred_. Lyrically, the discontent on this effort manifests itself as a vitally engaging element to Twytch's energetic display of aggression. Isaias Martinez and Tony Zimmerman provide the twin riff-packed guitar assault, whereas Joe Martinez's bass thunders out the low end with all the stability of a tectonic plate shift. Some percussionists just keep time, but Brian Joyce's drum talents vibrate throughout _Hatred_ like a propeller on an aircraft carrier -- the effect is jaw-dropping. As was mentioned earlier, Twytch has it all going for them, especially if "Hatred" and track six, "Swallow the Stitches", is the direction they continue to explore. Call their sound whatever you want, Twytch has all the pieces put together for an explosive career.


(article published 13/11/2003)

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