Junta - _Junta_
by: Adrian Magers (4 out of 5)
The prelude to this album features the sounds of a storm followed by bizarre experimental noise and larynx-shredding screams, which ends up sounding a lot like the intro track of Slipknot's last album. However, the actual songs on the CD are quite original in composition and progression. Many different kinds of brushstrokes make up the painting that is Junta. From catchy emocore-esque clean vocals to blastbeats laced with throat bellows reminiscent of the first Lamb of God record, to off-time madness and general guitar insanity -- all in the first song. Junta is an engaging listen that could easily nab the attention of many different music listeners. With the ability to appeal to fans of everyone from Cannibal Corpse to From Autumn to Ashes, the band gives off a definite aura of professionalism that is crucial to any band graduating beyond their local / regional scene. Part of this professionalism is obtained by impressive production and surprising attention to giving the disc a 'flow' that shakes off any notions that Junta simply wanted to record a demo. Rather we have an album that ebbs and flows, with ups and downs and a trio of vocal-less tracks. Junta was a pleasant surprise and will likely remain a highlight of the demo submissions I've received in the last few months.

(article published 30/10/2003)

8/12/2001 A Bromley 8 Junta - Junta
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