PsyOpus - _2 song demo_
by: Brian Meloon (5 out of 5)
PsyOpus hail from Rochester, NY, and feature former members of Strangle Fuck, Kalibas, Inertia and Within. Their style is similar to Rochester's Lethargy (RIP), but even more technical and dissonant. There is very little flow to the songs; instead, there are a multitude of technical, quirky riffs which change frequently. The guitar work is varied and interesting. The riffs range from conventionally heavy and groovy to Voivod-ish dissonance to angular single-note lines to tremolo-picked lines, and even a Primus-esque section. The leads remind me of those from Richie Kotzen's self-titled album (from 1987 -- long before he joined Poison), and could best be described as "splattery". The playing is excellent, as all three instrumentalists are competent and very tight as a unit. The production is quite good: it's raw, but it fits the music and the mix is pretty decent. The vocals are screamed, but again they fit the music reasonably well; they're as aggressive as the rest of the music. This is highly recommended for fans of Dillinger Escape Plan, Lethargy, CromTech and similar bands. They have a full-length album due out next spring on Blackmarket Activities, and I'll be eagerly looking forward to it.


(article published 30/10/2003)

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