Cerebrus / Seethe - _Split EP_
by: Jackie Smit (Cerebrus: 4 out of 5 / Seethe: 2.5 out of 5)
While it has always been a very popular modus operandi for young bands on a tight budget eager to get themselves heard outside the rehearsal room, split EPs carry with them the distinct problem that either act is in danger of outshining the other. Although Seethe are not the world's worst band, when compared to fellow Milton Keynes-based quartet Cerberus, they are deftly blown out of the water. Playing a fairly tepid brand of melodic death metal, Seethe occasional manage to ascend past the mediocre, particularly on "Darkness Falls"; but while it is most certainly noteworthy that such a youthful band (all members are aged 16-18) could put together something as technically proficient as this to begin with, Seethe lack the personality and character to be anything other than a run-of-the-mill metal band. Cerberus, on the other hand, share Seethe's teenage exuberance, but play like a band twice their age. An unhinged, angry affair, the three songs which they contribute can best be compared to acts like Crowbar, Eyehategod and Mastodon. Chris Milliken's voice spits pure venom and the duelling guitars of Simon Lubbock and Adam Hefferon outshines a fair amount of what passes for signed artists these days. With the right producer and right level of backing, these youngsters could very easily become a pretty hefty force to be reckoned with, and I shall certainly be looking forward to whatever they have to offer next.

Contact: Cerebrus: http://www.cerebus.2ya.com
Seethe: http://www.seethe.tk

(article published 21/9/2003)

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