Forsaken - _Iconoclast_
by: Jackie Smit (4.5 out of 5)
That a record label has thus far failed to scoop these guys up, is testament not only to the commendable willingness of more obscure companies to take a chance on acts from such far-flung regions as Malta, but also to the ignorance that often pervades the metal genre when it comes to signing new acts. Certainly Forsaken are one of the most promising new bands to tease my ears since Polish black metallers Strommoussheld. Unique in every sense of the word, the quality of their take on doom metal far exceeds the efforts of the legions of My Dying Bride clones currently in existence. Consisting of four songs which all eclipse the seven minute mark, _Iconoclast_ is at once progressive and dynamic, combining effortless tempo changes and riff sequences with the excellent vocals of Leo Stivala and the sparse keyboards of Mario Ellul into a brand of doom that, while often rather fast, is by no means ever less emotional than anything their peers and influences have ever offered. It would be almost unfair to point out a particular highlight on this offering, but the haunting synth hook of "Wither the Hour" just about clinches it as the perfect closing moment to a very impressive effort. While there are times when Forsaken do reveal the flaws of a band still in development, these instances are few and far between. Ultimately, while _Iconoclast_ does only consist of a mere four songs, they effortlessly provide ample evidence to make a great many sit up and pay attention.


(article published 21/9/2003)

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