Sifr - _Blessings of Madness_
by: Adrian Magers (1.5 out of 5)
Sifr is Saquib Malik's baby; a spitting, screaming, head-spinning one. A possible beacon of light in a nearly non-existent scene (that of the country of Pakistan), Sifr could possibly be leaders of a Middle Eastern metal movement and show the world that music's most aggressive form has found its way into the hearts and minds of people where most of us would least expect. There are some piercing guitar riffs to be heard, but many of the other elements of the band are muddled sounding. There's a total lack of bass, vocals that sound like different degrees of tape hiss, and what sounds like a badly recorded drum machine. Looking past crippling production issues, there's definitely technical skill and songwriting prowess. If the band were to refine their sound, add a fuller tone and do their own music justice, they could definitely be a force to contend with.


(article published 12/9/2003)

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