Antipathy - _Removal of the Mind_
by: Adrian Magers (4 out of 5)
The first thing I noticed about this CD was the cover artwork. Generally bands at a demo stage either don't include artwork, or utilize an illustration that may or may not do justice to the music contained within. Although good CD artwork isn't a necessity, it's nice to see that the band went out of their way to make this four-song trip through raging catharsis a well-rounded product. Regarding the music, the guitars, bass and drums culminate into something that sounds like a chunk of Napalm Death laced with small amounts of Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Pantera and first-album Killswitch Engage. All this is topped by mostly mid-ranged grunts and guttural screams. Overall their approach to groove-based death metal is a very professional one, and is likely to impress fans of Internal Bleeding and Scar Culture. At the moment Antipathy is on the verge to becoming a signed national band, something which they undoubtedly deserve for the effort and emotion poured into this four-song EP.


(article published 12/9/2003)

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