NDCIT - _Preparing for the Quiet Wars_
by: Adrian Magers (2.5 out of 5)
NDCIT (None Dare Call It Treason) are teeming with potential, but I have a lot of minor qualms with this demo. First off, the production detracts some of the fury that was probably intended to be communicated through the music. However, being a demo, awful tone and badly recorded drumming can be forgiven. The element that suffers most is that of lead vocals: the shout/yell being pushed from Adel Souto's throat doesn't mesh well with the rest of the band's sound. The lower vocals seem to fit more, but once again, the production values of the higher-end voice may have been the cause to an overall bad sound. There are many pluses to this mini-CD, though: the more groove-based riffs are generally very well-executed, and personally I'd like to see the band do something more akin to downthesun, for instance (sans the electronics and with a more traditional hardcore base), but in their own style. More of an emphasis on the moshy riffs could lead to an improvement in the overall flow of the songs. Some of the thrash-tempoed bits come off as jarring and sloppy -- once again, production may be to blame. Aside from a poor impression of the vocals and a few iffy spots in song structure, NDCIT has a lot to offer and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing this band hopefully come into its own more in the near future.

Contact: http://www.feastofhateandfear.com/NDCIT.html

(article published 12/9/2003)

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