Corpsepyre - _The Living We Mourn_
by: Adrian Magers (1.5 out of 5)
It's nearly impossible for me to criticize or praise Corpsepyre. The music is recorded in such a sloppy, under-produced manner that transitions and tempo changes are totally lost. The vocals seem to be constantly peaking, and end up sounding like a malfunctioning fan pointed too close at the microphone. Obviously, it's unfair to discredit a band based solely on their production (or lack thereof), but when the music crashes through with no regard for its listener, it's hard to scrape out any semblance of the songwriting and technical talent I'm sure is there. One possible reason is the lack of resources in the band's native Pakistan. Putting this into consideration one can somewhat overlook the shrill, gutless guitar and notice a handful of really cool riffs. With human drums providing a more fluid structure, and a recording quality that does not leave the listener in pain, Corpsepyre could really stand out. But on _The Living We Mourn_, it's hard to tell.


(article published 12/9/2003)

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