Spazmosity - _Storm Metal_
by: Adrian Magers (3 out of 5)
The immediate rush of distortion and blast-beating drums that pounces on the listener after Spazmosity's short instrumental seems like a good parallel to the feeling of one's skull being pried opened, lifted, set open and ready for total invasion. Said invasion appears to be heavily influenced by keyboardless melodic black (such as Dissection and the many bands which followed in their icy footsteps) and is full of mid-paced death grooves. The band definitely lean more towards the black side of the two extremities they embrace. One complaint I could throw Spazmosity's way is their tendency to do a lot of predictable tempo changes; however, there are also a lot of pleasant surprises, and the fact they succeed in making their songs flow, rather than sound like patchwork, is admirable. This, the band's third demo of original material, raises wonders of a possible full-length or EP. With a few more techniques and influences thrown in to make the act sound a bit more well-rounded, these guys could possibly push through to the forefront of the Scandinavian black/death scene.


(article published 31/8/2003)

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