Warblade - _Release the Angel of Death_
by: Adrian Magers (4.5 out of 5)
The first riff of Warblade's second demo _Relase the Angel of Death_ is a real headbanger. Emerging from a somber and relatively quiet section, the band's dual guitars create a beast made from parts of At the Gates, Megadeth, Dissection, Iron Maiden, and other influential metal acts. One might be quick to label this band as a third-wave Gothenburg death band; though Warblade do draw some obvious influence from their Swedish brethren, there are many other elements that surface on the three songs featured on this release. Blackened thrash, heavy grooves and more than one nod to classic metal are all thrown in the mix to keep the listener on his or her toes. This formula, fuelled by a ton of energy and a burning passion for metal, is quite successful due to the collective power and individual talents of the five men of Warblade. A full length is in the works, and will feature a recently recruited keyboardist / clean vocalist. The metal world should do itself a favor and keep an eye on Warblade.

Contact: http://warblade.metalpatrol.com

(article published 2/8/2003)

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