Kill by Inches - _Kill by Inches_
by: Adrian Magers (2.5 out of 5)
Kill by Inches is a decade old groove-based rapcore act based from New York. One might think it unfair that a band would go long unnoticed only to end up seeing their form of music become somewhat trendy and have to struggle against appearing overtly mainstreamed. However, this three-piece have little to worry about in that department: their blend of hardcore, metal and hip-hop features uniqueness and attitude that MTV-friendly rap rock lacks. However, it's unlikely that they'd strike a chord with most seasoned metalheads. So far only Kill by Inches' NYC brethren Biohazard have appealed to the core of the metal scene with rap-flavored undertones. The band definitely have commercial potential, but with the current slow resurfacing of underground metal even that may be in jeopardy. However, since the band's survived ten years, and put out four releases, they've proven that they go on despite trends in music. This fact in and of itself could be the greatest determining factor in Kill by Inches' potential success.


(article published 27/7/2003)

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