Pica Fierce - _A Spiral of Violence_
by: Adrian Magers (3.5 out of 5)
Pica Fierce is an impressive up-and-coming four-piece and serve as a sort of sampler of European metal. Within the three songs featured on _A Spiral of Violence_ the listener is treated to a carefully blended recipe of a Gothenburg-centered sound that incorporates bits of prog-metal, thrash, power, and even a few hints of melodic black. Pica Fierce manages not to sound like a half-baked concoction of their influences; rather they take early melodic Swedish metal and run with it. Good transitions and song structures definitely work in their favor, and will make them an even more enjoyable listen if/when a full-length comes out. The only complaints are minor, such as a somewhat tame guitar tone, vocals sounding as if they've been placed on top of the music instead of fusing with the instruments, and other easily amendable production qualms. Overall though, the sound quality is excellent for an independent band. Although the band isn't playing a groundbreaking form of music, they have a sound that sets them apart slightly, and are worth a listen. Since many copies of _A Spiral of Violence_ were unfortunately stolen, the band has offered downloads of the three tracks on their website.

Contact: http://www.picafierce.com

(article published 27/7/2003)

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