Outcast - _The Source of All Creation_
by: Pedro Azevedo (3.5 out of 5)
Thrash metal is hardly a novelty these days -- even with the renewed popularity it currently enjoys -- and Outcast focus a lot more on keeping their music dynamic than they do on trying to innovate. On track one the listener is heavily reminded of Vader for more reasons than just the half-shouted, half-growled vocals, but over the remaining three tracks miscellaneous thrash classics weave their way into Outcast's sound. The band performs each track with considerable conviction but not much flair: a few of the riffs are a bit stale, though some better passages and the band's evident enthusiasm help make up for that. The production is a cut above average for a demo and the playing is tight, indicating that Outcast are intent on pushing the band forward. Overall, Outcast are far from breaking any new ground, and I'm not sure they'll ever strive for that, but as an unpretentious thrash band they've made a very decent start in the demo world with _The Source of All Creation_.

Contact: http://outcast.music.free.fr

(article published 27/7/2003)

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