Aramathea - _Of Darkest Dreams..._
by: Adrian Magers (1.5 out of 5)
Aramathea is a one-man black metal project based out California, an unlikely place to breed those who enjoy contributing to a most foreboding and grim form of expression. The sound presented on _Of Darkest Dreams..._ blends parts of raw traditional black metal with atmospheric keyboards, but instead of utilizing and expanding musical boundaries, Aramathea tends to stick in one place. Both brutal and melodic black metal rely on song structure and transition, and this is where the CD falls flat on its face: the music doesn't soar into blitzkrieg riffs, nor does it descend into dramatic melodic passages. It just drags along, without anything memorable about the songs. Most of the guitar work is just repetitive strumming, and although the style tends to add an atmospheric touch, after several minutes of the same riff one tends to become bored with a song. Overall this band seems rather self-absorbed and unprofessional, something that sounds more like a basement or garage hobby than a serious act.


(article published 4/7/2003)

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