Forcefield - _Casualty_
by: Jackie Smit (1.5 out of 5)
The first Forcefield effort to be brought to my attention may have a far superior sound to most of the many demos I had under scrutiny during the past few years, but did a three year-old come up with the main riff to "Afterlife", the disc's opening track? Two (count 'em) notes repeated in what makes Korn sound like Dillinger Escape Plan, and just when things seem ready to kick into gear, the band pour sulphuric acid on their thrash/death attempt with one of the worst attempts at funk/rapping I have ever heard in my life. While this may still have been somewhat understandable coming from a group of overzealous third world youths, Forcefield's bio leads me to believe that they have been active in music since the early nineties. No surprise then that they have yet to be paid attention by any labels of note. The title track fares a bit better than its predecessor, but the band still persist on incorporating the most ludicrous of nu metal clich├ęs at the most inopportune times -- never mind the fact that their primary style is actually quite old school. "Morning Booze" rounds out the three song collection and its dire subject matter pretty much suits the quality of the song. I'd hate to sound nasty, but this is one of those times where my only advice to Forcefield would be to get back to the drawing board in a hurry.


(article published 17/6/2003)

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