Enormity - _Inherent Enslaver_
by: Adrian Magers (3.5 out of 5)
_Inherent Enslaver_ wastes no time getting started. Enormity put on display some great riffs in the opening track "Better Without Reserve" and stay consistent throughout the four tracks on a quite impressive demo. If I were to play devil's advocate I could nitpick that the band's treading on familiar territory, but it's hard to argue with the deadly guitar lines on this CD. Enormity dabbles in a few different areas in the realm of melodic death/black, leaning mainly towards the death side, and taking heavy influence from the older Gothenburg artists. There are a few blackened moments -- most notably Jani Nistaken's vocals, which most closely resemble those of Shagrath, but overall are recognizable in their own regard. The songs are to the point, all around just over three minutes. Enormity utilize a formula that, when done right, can keep a listener interested in songs twice that length, but apparently they've decided to take a less predictable route, thus sharpening their songs to bite-size pieces of crushing melodies and lead-inspired twin guitar interplay that beg to be played over and over.

Contact: http://www.enormityband.cjb.net

(article published 8/6/2003)

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