Born of Thorns - _The Encounter of Light and Dark_
by: Adrian Magers (4.5 out of 5)
Symphonic black metallers Born of Thorns have slowly been carving their mark deeper and deeper into Finland over the last few years, and also appeared on the recent Cradle of Filth tribute _Covered in Filth_, on which they contributed the standout track -- a faithful rendition of "To Eve the Art of Witchcraft". However, once one introduces himself to Born of Thorns' other material he soon realizes the band's full talents. They compose metal that is beautiful, melodic, dramatic, and is put together in a very grandiose manner. Their biggest strength lies in their transitions; the songs are structured perfectly. The one complaint I can think of is length, as there are only three songs ("The Encounter", "Of Light", "And Dark") on this demo EP totaling under 20 minutes of material. But the CD serves its purpose, as I'm definitely craving more Born of Thorns. _The Encounter of Light and Dark_ was recently picked up and re-distributed by Oak Knoll Productions, so think of this as a second chance to pick up some top-notch melodic black metal.


(article published 3/6/2003)

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