K-Again - _Ultraviolence_
by: Jackie Smit (2.5 out of 5)
For a band who confidently title their demo _Ultraviolence_, K-Again's brand of nu-metal is surprisingly tame, and very rarely does it exceed the level of violence that would deem it fit for the adjective "ultra". Thankfully though, it is not a product of the same swill that produced Papa Roach and Linkin Park -- in fact, K-Again at times showcases a commendable amount of potential. Blending elements of Slipknot, Chimaira and Mudvayne into their music, they struggle, but almost manage to sound unique on "My Own Freedom" and "U". Unfortunately though, these moments are all too rare and generally K-Again just comes across as... well, just another nu-metal band -- which even in the eyes of the mainstream right now isn't a good thing. The production on this effort is acceptable and far beyond what you'd expect from a band of their profile, but the group need to concentrate on improving their song writing to the point where they can lay claim to their own identity. Similarly, vocalist Pigo is clearly not pushing his voice as much as he can, which doesn't do the music any favours. With Logan Madder (Machine Head, Soulfly, Medication) set to produce their next effort, I'm sure that big things may yet await K-Again though.

Contact: http://www.2kkrecords.com

(article published 31/5/2003)

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