The Amenta - _Mictlan_
by: David Rocher (5 out of 5)
Stating that Australia's The Amenta are professional musical killers would be euphemistic. From the glorious packaging right down the most sombre, unnoticeable details of the blasting, syncopated and experimental death metal it delivers, _Mictlan_ oozes with flawless power, sadistic refinement and rapturous brutality. Fusing blasting, aggressive death metal with synthetic atmospheres usually endemic to the black metal genre, The Amenta sound like a strange, yet utterly lethal hybrid of Myrkskog, Cryptopsy and Nile. Loaded to the brim with unrelenting, punishing blast beats, razor-sharp time changes, insane start/stop onslaughts and an atmosphere of suffering and decay bordering on the tangible, _Mictlan_ is graced with a colossal and abrasive production, that testifies to these Australians' dedication to musical perfection. Truth be told, _Mictlan_'s only failure is its brevity; at 11 minutes (including a dispensable two-minute industrial outro), this murderous surge of energy seems to ebb just too fast for its own good, and is guaranteed to leave death metal addicts craving for more. The Amenta are beyond all doubt an immense musical force to be reckoned with, and are currently looking for a label to release their forthcoming full-length debut, _Ennea_ -- I can therefore only hope that they will not be unjustly ignored by labels as the excellent Aphotic have been.


(article published 28/5/2003)

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