Decadence - _Theatre of Eclipse_
by: David Rocher (3 out of 5)
A rather self-satisfied Italian quintet dedicated to "Obscure Metal", Decadence have released a suitably impressive and professional nine-track, 30-minute demo. What Decadence refer to as "Obscure Metal" in fact embodies a form of symphonic, tentatively "neo-classical" blackened metal, which often reminds me of Forlorn's _Opus III: Ad Celestis Res_. Technically proficient and musically well inspired, but plagued by a weird, wildly unbalanced sound, _Theatre of Eclipse_ is finely crafted, and reveals that Decadence indeed possess potential. However, despite the honourable amounts of musical skill and theoretical research displayed by this self-released MCD, _Theatre of Eclipse_ fails to display the consistent musical brilliance that Decadence strive to attain; and although _Theatre of Eclipse_ does display some truly grandiose keyboard arrangements, Decadence tend to rely too much on these to enhance their otherwise effective, yet rather conventional "progressive" black metal. In fine, although Decadence will need to hone the musical consistency and focus of their material to rise above their peers, _Theatre of Eclipse_ remains a commendable effort for symphonic black metal fans to check out.


(article published 28/5/2003)

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