Cryonic - _Digital Encryption_
by: David Rocher (4 out of 5)
Considering this is Cryonic's first self-released recording, I am truly impressed by the professional quality of the material on _Digital Encryption_. Reveling in cold, industrial-tinged metal, Sweden's Cryonic create a cybernetic canvas of low-case riffs borne on simple and hypnotic electronic drum patterns, crafting three tracks of chilling, dehumanised soundscapes. The cold, inhuman feeling irradiated by _Digital Encryption_ is completed by Cryonic's use of distorted melodic vocals, somewhat reminiscent of Sisters of Mercy's early days, and the effective insertion of keyboards throughout their material. Comprising three full-fledged electro-metal tracks delineated by disquietingly placid, truly effective synthetic interludes, _Digital Encryption_ is a cohesive, powerful and compelling effort that clearly denotes the immense musical potential lurking within Cryonic's ranks. Followers of the electronic/industrial metal genre would be well advised to reach for these Swedes' first effort, which delivers the quality of a professional release. And although I am in truth no dedicated follower of this musical style, I definitely look forward to hearing more from Cryonic.


(article published 28/5/2003)

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