Indesinence - _Ecstatic Lethargy_
by: Pedro Azevedo (4 out of 5)
A brief intro leads to two tracks totaling 22 minutes of Indesinence's brand of doom metal, and it soon becomes apparent that you will see no sunlight on this one. There is a cavernous sound to the music, both in the abyssic guitars and the vast growls. Bringing Evoken to mind, Indesinence punish the listener with desperately bleak riffs and vocals. There is no respite for the duration of the demo, not even when the guitars become less crushing and slightly more melodic. Indesinence are serious about their doom metal, and aren't about to compromise any of it. The production suits their style very well, the playing is good in spite of the difficulty of some very slow tempos they occasionally use, and the result is remarkably strong through the sheer despondency that radiates from the music. The music isn't snail-paced throughout, though: it's mostly a slowish, pronounced mid-paced affair, and Indesinence even include brief outbursts of speed towards the end of the first track after the intro (following what is possibly the slowest and most painful passage of the whole demo) and early in the second. Although Evoken is perhaps the main reference, there is some old My Dying Bride thrown into the mixture as well, but Indesinence retain sufficient individuality throughout the demo. Indesinence leave no doubt that they are fast on their way to becoming a very good doom metal outfit, but _Ecstatic Lethargy_ is one of those demos worth keeping in your collection for what it's worth rather than just for what it promises.


(article published 28/4/2003)

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